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success stories

Over the years, LOLC Development Finance has positively impacted and uplifted many lives across the nation. These are some of those inspiring stories.

  • Udeni Horticulture

    Udeni started her business about six years ago when her financial situation was very difficult. She had no working capital to commence another business and was un-bankable. It was LOLC Development Finance that enabled her to start a new business in horticulture. Her initial working capital was funded by an LOLC Development Finance group loan of Rs. 15,000 and she started with growing 500 plants. Over the years she obtained many loans from LOLC Development Finance including an individual loan of Rs. 350,000. Her business is now developed and with a 20000 plants stock at any given time.

    LOLC Development Finance - Success Stories
  • Devika - Mul Endum

    Devika has been in a traditional business in the area of poojapitiya since ancient times. But only a few families are involved with the business now. Initially she worked under an aunt of her’s but thanks to a loan received from LOLC Development Finance she was able to start her own business. Devika rapidly upscaled her business and today she is providing employment to 4 girls. She’s getting more and more orders from wedding equipment suppliers and salons. She earns a tidy sum every month and that supplement her husband’s earnings. Devika’s achievements is a testament to the success of LOLC Development Finance’s efforts to discover, mentor and nurture entrepreneurs by inculcating robust business practices and continue to motivating them and driving them towards their life goals.

    LOLC Development Finance - Success Stories